Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering Cost – What You Should Know About Wedding Catering

A wedding catering service can be a wonderful way to plan and serve a meal for a special occasion. These services are offered by companies throughout the country and provide an excellent option for any kind of wedding or reception. Some couples prefer to book a wedding catering company because they offer so many options and the company or chef they choose to work with has years of experience.

Wedding Catering Cost

The average wedding catering price is based on a couple’s spending ability and the average cost of their wedding or reception. Note that wedding catering charges do vary greatly depending on the location and number of guests attending but no matter where you’re getting married, tasty and plentiful food is a must to awesome…and successful…parties. So how much should wedding catering cost? This depends largely on what you want as well as what you can afford.

The first thing you have to figure out is what types of foods are included. Some caterers will simply serve appetizers and drinks and will not serve any food. Other wedding catering costs may include starting a buffet, plating or sometimes even serving cocktails and drinks. Other catering services may offer complete dinner services so that you can choose whether you want a sit-down dinner or an informal cocktail hour. Other services may include dessert presentations or the addition of flowers to tea or coffee.


The size of the buffet or dinner you’re ordering will go a long way to determining the amount of your wedding catering cost. Generally, you’ll pay a lot less if you only serve a few tables than if you provide a full buffet spread for all your guests. As for the amount you’ll spend on the actual buffet itself, it all depends on the number of people you’re feeding plus the type of meal you desire. Buffets can come in many different sizes and styles, so no matter what style you prefer you can find one that’s right for you.

Buffets are not the only type of meal a caterer can offer. Many caterers also offer late-night menus. These often include items like pasta and pizza for early-bird or college-style parties. Other late-night menus may include finger foods and drinks for a more casual event. The late-night meal is often less expensive than the early-morning or morning party because the guests who choose to eat at this time aren’t as hungry and can be more open to trying any delicacies you might have served at your wedding catering.

Wedding Catering

Catering Packages

Once you’ve determined the average costs of your wedding catering, you can figure out what your best option is for meeting your budget. You may want to consider a catering package. These packages will charge by person or per person but will be less expensive than individually cooking foods for your entire wedding party. Some packages include their foods, decorations, and even wedding favours in the price you pay, so it’s easy to calculate how much it will cost overall. The average costs of wedding catering can still be much lower if you arrange for a larger group to share the cost.

There are several other options available when it comes to wedding catering. Couples can decide to buy individual foods or choose to buy an entire meal or banquet for their guests. Many couples decide to eat together as well as they do to eat separately. This is usually the case with small groups that are split up into smaller couples or families. This option is less formal and can be less expensive to do for your wedding day. However, the downside to this is that you may not get all of your guests together for one big dinner, which can be helpful in some cases like a family gathering where you all need to fit together without the other people getting left out.

The wedding catering package that you choose can help you budget your wedding catering costs. If you are having a large wedding that includes a lot of food to prepare, a wedding catering package is probably going to be your best option. If you’re just having an intimate reception with less food to prepare, a caterer that provides their services as part of a package can be your best bet. Just make sure that you discuss everything with your caterer before the date of the wedding so that you don’t have any surprises along the way. It’s always better to have a caterer that helps with all the details so that you can relax and have a great time instead of worrying about how your wedding catering cost is going to be paid for.…

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